Direct Mail

 Before Every Door Direct Mailâ„¢, trying to coordinate a complex direct mail marketing campaign was a hard thing to do. Selecting and purchasing a mailing list then pay to print your own addresses labels, pay to have your mailing designed and printed, pay for expensive permits, fees, and tabbing, and finally there was still a postage fee. All that was normally outside of most local small business' budgets.


EDDM & VU Branding Studios have taken the sting out of the cost of getting your small business or event in front of every household and business.


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What Is Exclusive Direct Mail?

Exclusive Direct mail is a printed advertisement exclusively promoting your message to the targeted audience of your choice by demographic and geographic specs. This means of advertising is directly mailed in an efficient and timely manner.


What is Combined Mail?

Combined mail is a number of businesses that have combined together on one mailout so that the cost of delivery is shared by all participants. It is a cost-effective way to saturate an entire community and drive traffic to your business.


Why Advertise In A Combined Mail?

Combined mail advertising is cost-effective, it's proven to work, and the risk is low. Like other forms of direct mail, combined mail allows consumers to take in information on their own schedule. Combined mail is considered safe and welcome in America's households.


What Is The Consumer Looking For?

Combined mail should appeal to a customer's needs and offer as many benefits to the consumer as possible. Consumers look in their mailboxes day after day for convincing messages to help them make smart buying decisions. According to research, more than 50% of all adults say they prefer to receive promotional advertising through their mailbox. Combined mail is relevant to the needs of every household...groceries, clothing, furniture, dining, home maintenance and improvement, and much more. With combined mail, your message is delivered right to the consumer's door in one convenient mailing.